Whats all this talk about Backspacing?
The ‘Back Space’ Measurement simply refers to the amount of space between the mounting surface and the top edge of your rim. The more backspacing you have, the less space there is between the wheel and the body. Having too large of a backspace may cause wheel/tire rubbing on your control arms, frame, or fender wells…which…from the sound of it…isn’t a good thing! On the other hand, too little backspace may lead to wheel bearing failure, handling issues, and debris being thrown from underneath the tires. All of this needs to be kept in mind when measuring and adjusting your wheels’ backspace.
How to measure the backspace: First, lay the wheel on a flat surface, front side facing down so the part of your wheel that touches the axle is exposed.

Second, Take a yardstick and lay it across the top of the rim, from one side to the other. If there is a tire on the wheel, you need to lay a flat edge the correct size of the rim, from one side to another, allowing it to lay flat onto the top edge of the rim, and not on the tire.

Next, measure the distance from the inside mounting surface of the wheel (where the wheel mounts to the axle hub on the car) to the lower edge of your flat ruler/stick lying across the top edge of the rim. For example, the distance from the mounting surface of the rim to the top edge in our picture is about 4.5″. The distance measured is your backspace measurement!

How to fix it: Now, lets say you’ve figured out you have a problem with backspacing, either your tire is too close or too far away, how do you fix it?

If your tire is too close, meaning it’s probably tearing up your fenders and wheel well, then you know you have too deep of a backspace, the easiest way to fix this problem is to buy some wheel spacers to shorten the distance from the axle hub to your wheel.

If your tire is too far away, meaning that you’re throwing dirt, mud, rocks, small animals, etc into the air…then you know you have too shallow of a backspace. Sadly the only true fix to this problem is to buy some new wheels that fit better onto your vehicle.