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Thread: Whine or whirrr from somewhere underneath

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    Whine or whirrr from somewhere underneath

    Ok so I noticed this yesterday and so did my wife so itís not my hearing going.

    2013 Ram 1500 2wd 4.7L a whirrr or whine at low speeds coming from below and behind, could be diff, could be tranny, could be drive shaft. Not there all the time, not noticible on the highway, more noticible when accelerating slowly or decelerating.

    Havenít noticed it before as I usually have the radio on and driving on the highway alone, but we got a little lost and were on the backroads, and the radio was off cause that helps in finding out where to go 🤣 when we noticed the noise, stayed with us for the rest of the day.

    Tranny fluid level is good, fluid is clear and didnít smell burnt, diff is sealed, was going to do a diff fluid change and crack it open, no play in the prop shaft.

    Any ideas before I open up the diff?

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    What's on the driveshaft for spinning parts or balancing?

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    I don’t have any play in the drive shaft u-joints at either end, the balancing weights are still in place.

    I was reading up on this issue and it could be the pinion nut in the diff, there was a major recall in the 2012 models as the pinion nut would back its self off, but they apparently fix it on the 2013’s . The other less serious possible cause is the transmission cooler return lines, they run under the cab and when the tranny is hot and spooling up they apparently make noise like a hydraulic pump on overload as the fluid is pumped thru. Fix for that is pipe insulation on the cooler lines.

    I won’t know till I dig deeper, maybe when it’s not raining . ��

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