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Thread: CJ7 Re-build V2

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    The un-intentional "kicking and screaming" re-build.

    I found a new toy about 6 weeks ago!

    1985 CJ7 Custom.

    Billed as fully restored. No offence to the PO but it was far from fully or restored.
    Lots of great work but lots to undo, redo, do.... you get the picture.

    First issues started with the out of province safety.
    At least ownership records were great.

    No lights, heat, defrosters, wipers, brake lines shot, fuel lines leaking, steering was all over the road. Bump steer is an understatement. 3 weeks later, 3.5k up in smoke, and 40 hours clocked on the tools and she is insured and registered as a daily driver.

    The insurance bit was fun too.

    Bought a 1K YJ for the top and doors. Drove it from Calgary to Edmonton with the pedal to the floor thinking the whole time the diff was going to visit me in the cab before i died.

    Top fits my CJ! mostly (PO put a YJ tub on the back). New seals, hardware, wiring in the future for defrosters (novel idea) and wiper motor/tank/pump in the back.

    Doors...where to start. Rips in the metal interior and exterior, stripped all parts, had a body guy fab some supports. Prep, prime, paint. All new seals, reworked mechanicals, new latches and locks. Saved the glass (barely). Doors fit (sort of) with a few spacer washers. Need the door retention post brackets...

    Wanted to add a coolant heater. Dont touch the petcock on a CJ7 to drain it!
    New rad (unintentional upgrades when the petcock snapped off the rad), hoses, dozens of clamps, a bus heater and a coolant circulator, now I have some respectable heat! This was an all nighter 6pm to 8am. Too old for that.

    Hmm T-case is making a dishwasher noise now. Not good. No grinding or squealing.

    Spoke too soon. The clutch is squealing now. T-case sound isn't going away now.

    Ordered the master re-build kit. I will rack open the Dana 300 later this week and see how much jewelry is in the box. I think this one is going to hurt the pocket book. Parked until this is done.

    Insulated the entire tub with industrial chiller insulation (acoustical and thermal). WOW what a difference. My radio does work!

    Drop pitman arm helped the steering issues. A sway-bar bolted to something helped a bit more.

    Carpet kit is back in.

    Dash wiring still looks like intestines hanging out everywhere....

    New helper springs on the new slightly modified wipers (10" are hard to find).

    Next adventures:
    Spare tire and rim (ordered)
    Axles (my old ones would make better spares).

    Get the gas gauge to work.
    Get the temp gauge to work.
    Interior lights maybe.
    Washer pump/tank/tubing re-install.
    Some cables for interior temp and airflow control would be nice.
    New upper and lower heater box.
    Plug wires.

    Recovery gear.
    High lift Jack.

    Then maybe a trail ride........(after its potty trained. Currently marking its territory with gear oil and that won't do.)

    Cant wait to get this rebuilt I6 258 on a trail. PO says she pushes 300HP. We will have to test that claim out. I don't believe it.
    Carb is an Edelbrock 1403 pushin 525 CFM, Offenhauser manifold, with a Flowmaster and bigger dual pipes (would have picked a magnaflow but beggars...). Electronic ignition and choke. 3" suspension + 2" body lift. Running 33" tires on 16" custom aluminum rims.

    She growls nice.
    Lower fuel prices make me smile though. Bad for Alberta I know but good for my pocket book in the short term.

    Might have to think on a fuel injection system eventually.
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    Nice looking rig. It looks like you have your hands full. Other peoples projects always make life interesting. Some people run out of ambition and stop others just slap it together and try to unload it. In my case I have run out of time and space to work on my project jeep.
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    Thanks. Yeah last time I ran out of money, patience, space, and time. Kids needed a proper seat and its tough strapping a car seat into a flip and fold.
    This time the kids are teens and older. Time is starting to get easier to find. Money is still tight (College and University tuitions now). Patience came with the greys in my beard. Space....well no garage so I beg space where I can, get kicked out of heated parkades, and I've been known to tackle repairs and upgrades on the side of the road when something bothers me enough. Sometimes I wonder why I went down this road again. A brand new rig would be a lot easier all around. But then I take the CJ for a ride and my mood quickly changes.

    Besides, I needed a hobby, and it gets rid of the stress of the day pretty quick.
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    That's a nice looking rig, but a nightmare of a project. Obviously a labor of love.

    I was doubly (or even quadruply) impressed when I read you were doing it without a garage, I complain that mine isn't heated.
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    Dana 300 Re-build then on to installing the welder!

    Well, my cousin has graciously agreed to help me out dropping the T-Case. He has a shop, lift, and the proper tools to boot. Once we get it apart I can see what the damage is and plan the rebuild accordingly. If its bad I will bolt it up and do a core swap for another T-Case. Found one local, about 4 across Canada, and a few in the U.S. just in case.
    I remember when you could get one good used for under $300 bucks. Now they are telling me thats what they will give me for the core but want $700 on top of that. Thats the cheaper of the ones I can find. Update - found one cheap!
    Said it before - this is going to hurt.

    On another note:
    Couldn't believe my luck. I was trolling Kijiji for some wire to redo the alternator and battery connections when I found an old under hood welder set-up from the UK, In Alberta, Go figure.
    Picked up the boxes of parts the other day (for a song i might add) and come to find out there is a complete second (older model) for spares, all of the cables are there, the stinger is there, spare set of leads, spare wire harness, and the welding alternator!!!
    Looks like all I need is to fab up a bracket for the alternator, add a pulley maybe, and a belt, then were welding!!! Sweet.
    Provided of course the unit and spare parts are enough to get it working.
    This could be great. I have about an hour of welding under my belt from over 10 years ago. I am doing this so I can learn to repair my rig on the trail if need be. If it pans out I might even try fabricating a few brackets and mounts for the CJ.

    If someone does know how to:
    1.) Wire up the welder
    2.) Knows the safety issues involved (electrically speaking)
    3.) Knows how to weld
    and is willing to teach me then I see copious amounts of Beer and Burgers in your future. Maybe a steak at the end of it all!

    Black Steel Rim for the spare came in today. Nice except for the red and blue stripe around the bead. Dry fit tomorrow and then mount it. My tire guy wants to throw a flowable bead seal in it? Have to research that one.

    Oh! Found my wishlist of parts! After 6 weeks of searching I found:

    -Complete heating box (upper and lower) in working condition suitable for restoration. I expect to replace the heater blower motor, seals, and core. Update - found, rebuilt, done.
    -Door post brackets (part that bolts to the body).
    -Interior door panels (Laredo Limited version (prefer black) with the top curved part).
    -Door handles to match.
    -Fold and flip rear seat mounting hardware.
    -Factory original Black anodized rocker guards and t bolts.
    -Black crack free dash-pad for use with side vent windows.

    Excited but I am not looking forward to the quote.
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    1985 CJ-7 Custom (Flat fendered CJ,YJ,XJ,TJ...)
    Picked n Parted 1987 YJ
    Sold 1998 XJ
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    So here is the history/list/plan as of last night:

    Previous owner was kind enough to replace the rear tub with a 93 YJ Tub and do a Body off build including a 2” Body & 3” Suspension lift. The Motor is original 4.2 L, Inline 6, 258 cid was rebuilt at 200,000KM to over 300hp (yet to verify), has Headers, Flowmaster Dual Exhaust & an Offenhauser aluminum 4bbl intake manifold topped with an Edelbrock 650 carb pushing 525 cfm. Its a 5 speed standard. Tach on steering column. Wide track axles, Dana 44 rear axle upgrade. Custom 16” Aluminum Wheels, new 33” Tires. TJ Bumpers. Harley Orange paint and Black Denim Best Top soft top and Accessories.

    Since I bought it I have suffered through an Out of Province Safety ($3500 later). Lifted the Tub off the frame to verify the VIN matches. Realized it will require a substantial re-wire (started), added a dual tone horn and button, complete installation of a defroster system (there were no cutouts in the tub!) . New wires for brake and reverse lights. Complete re-route of the new fuel and new brake lines from front to back including new filter and retention clips all along the re-route. Installed a Safety neutral switch. Remove and replace all grade 3 and Grade 5 fasteners with Grade 8 for seat-belts, seats, etc. A few welded plates to cover holes in the firewall. Seals and gaskets around any factory openings like transfer case cover plate. Steering box now replaced. Re-Route exhaust a bit as it was melting the shock boot on the driver side. Wheel bearings remove, inspect, re-pack, and re-assemble.

    Then I added the spare tire carrier, bump stops, extension bracket, body tire guard, a new spare tire and rim. Advanced the timing so it runs right. Tune up was done. New radiator, all heating lines, cooling lines, clips, fasteners ($475). Added a coolant circulator($100). Installed a 26000 btu cab heater into the centre console ($300). Found a hardtop and full steel doors 93 YJ ($1000). Stripped, rebuilt, refinished the doors ($1800). Insulated the tub and soundproofed ($300). Scrapped the air filter and put in a K&N ($60). Set up the Carb properly. New belts. Replaced the fluids. Installed an Alarm System - 2 way.

    Next I want to install GPS tracking. Windshield bottle/pump, lines. Fold and flip seat brackets. Rebuild the T-case.
    Throw a few bucks at the clutch. New plugs, wires, and distributor. Add the under hood welder, 2nd alternator. 2nd battery, isolator, disconnects, safety switch, inverter. Get a jack that will lift this pig. Tow hooks or D-Rings. Replace the entire heating box with a restorable one. Find original rocker gaurds t-bolts etc. Gas Gauge/Temp Gauge repair or replace.
    Interior lights. Replace lap belts with shoulder belts (soon)

    Summer I will:
    Weld up the roll-bar behind the passenger seat where it had rusted through. Weld up the floor pan driver side where it was rusted through by the high beam floor switch.

    Wish List:
    Build in a secure tool box under hood and under flip and fold. GPS System. Winch. CB and the gear. Add on-board Air. Glove Box. Better tire carrier/luggage rack/gas can mount etc. Towing set-up and front tow bars to pull it with. Maybe Window tint???

    And if I ever get really crazy/motivated:
    Add auto start with a solenoid for the carb.
    Power Door lock kit. All new digital gauges. Add a PLC to see temps/pressures/shock throughout the system. Add a mobile WiFi web server with the build and adventure footage/video. Add card access door and ignition control. Dashcam forward and reverse tied to the webserver and cell phone and alarm system.

    For now....

    Sweetheart, if your reading this, remember I love you.
    I will be home at 6pm to pick my stuff up off the front lawn.
    1985 CJ-7 Custom (Flat fendered CJ,YJ,XJ,TJ...)
    Picked n Parted 1987 YJ
    Sold 1998 XJ
    RIP 1981 CJ-7 Limited Edition Laredo

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    Cracked open the welder last night - Hmmm

    Well, one of the welders is toast, opened them both and the little one looks like it caught fire. Probably why the last guy needed the newer welder.

    Anyway, if anyone has seen one of these before, knows where I might find a wiring diagram, or recognizes the set-up and can give me any guidance it would be appreciated.

    1985 CJ-7 Custom (Flat fendered CJ,YJ,XJ,TJ...)
    Picked n Parted 1987 YJ
    Sold 1998 XJ
    RIP 1981 CJ-7 Limited Edition Laredo

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    Well, plan changed, t-case parts are in but no access to a garage and tools until Monday. So the Rim, Tire, and T-Case wait for another weekend.
    Maybe I can get this welder sorted a bit, figure out what to do about the no windshield washer situation (currently spraying the windshield with a spray bottle from the cab while driving......ticket is imminent i know.)
    Maybe some wiring on the roadside as its pretty warm this week.
    Would really like to find factory spray jets for this thing.
    Maybe a trip to Runzers if they are open tomorrow or Saturday.
    All the extra parts on the coolant mods ran me another $250 (But the stainless high temp line looks sooo nice now).
    Fit the high perf fuel line into that as well.
    Rim was $250 balanced. Guess a 16" was hard to find for it.
    Jeep Poor once again. I am going to need a part time gig if this keeps up!
    1985 CJ-7 Custom (Flat fendered CJ,YJ,XJ,TJ...)
    Picked n Parted 1987 YJ
    Sold 1998 XJ
    RIP 1981 CJ-7 Limited Edition Laredo

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    I found a link to the makers of your welder. Tho they no longer advertise this model I sent em a email anyway requesting installation instructions for this model or their new one which is very similar ( an ridiculously expensive)... Lets see if they respond.
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    Ill cross my fingers. In the meanwhile I will probe around with the multimeter and make sure all of the components are up to snuff. Alternator is a guess for me though. I have to read up on how to test it on the bench. Looks to me like the welder runs right off the alt. Don't think I need the second battery to get started. That's the plan eventually but not just yet. Somehow I have to figure out how to keep some space for a belt driven compressor as well as this welding alt. Pully changes for sure on the motor and or alt. The welding alt too I supose.

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