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Thread: '92 YJ "Patched"

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    '92 YJ "Patched"

    So I've done a fair amount of modifications to my YJ which I acquired from my parents for $1 when I received my license at 16. I haven't started my Jeep modifications until recently though, but I'll go over what I've done so far and I'll try to keep up to date with the updating my build thread to include any new add-ons or "patches".

    Being young and dumb, I used to pull on that t-case of mine at higher speeds and sometimes that central axle disconnect didn't really want to mate and started to get nasty and grind against each other. The grinding was also due to a leak in the vacuum line so the actuator wouldn't engage the fork all the way. With some research, I found that the 4x4 Posi-lok cable actuated system was more reliable than the vacuum actuated system even though you sacrifice a bit of convenience for reliability. I go through the install here, but I quickly found out that it wasn't exactly the best solution (but more on that later):

    The most major thing I've done so far was purchasing a used AX-15 from a '91 (I think? It fit anyway so who cares :P) with the T-case, drive shafts, and clutch assembly and swapping it out from my stock automatic TF999. It did me great for the 5 years of service, but the 3-speed really killed it for me on the highway (I'm lovin' that 5th!) and I really wanted to learn how to drive stick. I figured why not learn the mechanics of it before actually learning to drive it.

    I tried to take pics of every step, but I might've missed a few:
    Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    The reason I went with the swap was during my de-rusting phase of the Jeep. I had the fender off at the time to cut off the cancer and patch it with some real beginner level metal shaping and overkill on the rivets. I'm still working on the rust though >_>:

    Part of my de-rusting will involve removing all of the stock decals (I'm not really a fan of pin striping unless it has to do with trail pin stripes :D). I'm thinking of replacing the "Rio Grande" with either "Patches" or "Idler" (inside joke):

    Remember that Posi-lok I installed? Ya, the vacuum actuator may be a obvious point of failure, but my young noobness actually grinded away at the tips of the intermediate axle splines soooo the actuator wouldn't move the fork all the way anyway - unless I removed a snap ring which prevented it from going too far, but it was still a 50/50 chance that it would engage. The unmatched splines sometimes would kick the collar and fork out of mating.
    Right now I'm following this guide by Bleepin' Jeep with the 2-piece to 1-piece conversion (the video is based on cherokees, but the D30 axles between YJs and XJs don't show that big of a difference with spline count and diameter):
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    This way I can get more junkyard replacement axles (so many XJs in pick-n-pull; I'm lovin' it).
    I'm waiting on my seal and block off plate which I should be able to pick up tomorrow from UPS along with my recovery rope to make me one step closer to being qualified to wheel with you guys!

    I took out the back seats to save some weight and also to replace it with a tool box that my dad and I made - and yes, it does have a beer cooler (the pics show the area before I insulated it with some styrofoam:

    -Since I swapped from auto to standard, I only have the harness for the auto which has a 3-prong neutal safety/backup light switch whereas the AX15 only has a 2-prong backup light switch. Since I hot-wired the hot wire to the neutral safety to fool the ECU, I still need to mate the 3-prong to the 2-prong - and make sure it's water proof.
    -Another thing with the transmission swap, I went redneck and hockey taped the crankshaft position sensor - I should probably make up a more permanent solution for this.
    -Install my CB radio but I need a CB antenna (and maybe mount if I don't fabricate one myself); would someone be able to recommend an antenna? I was thinking of going to this trucking place in Sherwood Park, but I rarely have the time to make it during their hours due to 9-5 work schedule.
    -I found a Sanden compressor from an XJ one day in the junkyard and I've seen many write-ups on on-board air systems so I'm planning to try this out myself.

    Jumping into the aftermarket frenzy:
    -Rear bumper? Does anyone know if tow hooks/d-rings on the rear bumper are necessary for wheeling? I have an old school 3 hole 3/4" hunk of steel I guess I can call a hitch.
    -Winch - I have my eye on a winch kit from costco for like $400
    -Sway bar link disconnects
    -Hoist for my hardtop
    -After work I found out someone tried to steal my Ranger in Century Park and failed (they ripped out the ignition -.-) sooooo I'm looking to ramp up the security in both vehicles (eg. locks on EVERYTHING). Only takes one time to lose my trust like that.
    -Greasable outer axle seals - would be great to have with the XJ axle I'm swapping in - I saw this in the 101 performance mods for jeeps
    -Any suggestions for a nice center console that can house my CB?

    Something custom:
    -Some sort of jerry can holder; I think I'm going to shy away from complete tire carriers and look at cheaper options
    -I want to try practicing my welding skills with creating a (hopefully lightweight) roof rack system for times when I have my hardtop off and don't want to put on my soft top (or maybe it could fit over my soft top too).
    -Front roll cage reinforcement - just down tubes and a tube going across the windshield to reduce the risk of me being dumb and flipping my jeep and smashing my face against the ground. I don't like trusting glass as structural support - or the stamped out steel that holds the glass.
    -I really really really really want LED lights on my YJ - from headlights to taillights. With the cost of the kits though, it's hard for me to justify the cost. Being in computing science and fooling around with arduino kits to learn a bit more about electronics, I'm thinking to taking on my own circuit design for an LED lighting system. One thing is for sure, I'm not planning to make it so bright that I'll be blinding everyone around me so I'll probably ramp up the resistance load versus what the aftermarket has.
    -I have a faint interest in swapping my D35 out for a Ford 8.8" - we'll see when I actually break my D35
    -I LOVE the HO straight 6, but I hate the mileage. There was a Canadian company that presented a 1.9 TDI swap in a YJ at SEMA ( one year and it really peaked my interest - especially since I was interested in the late '70s to early '80s Mercedes Benz OM617 straight 5 turbo diesel swap. I'm still conflicted with the decision though because I love my HO; another idea would be to look for a classic AMC Eagle and swap out the 4.2L and drive train with a 1.9 TDI mated to a AX15 and tuned ECU.

    Last, but not least, this: - at least some of it

    Congrats if you got this far with reading on all of my ideas! I have many more to vomit all over this thread, but I'll have to dream it up first.

    Let me know if you guys have any suggestions - I'm welcome to hear anything. Also, if any link is broken, please let me know.

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    Sounds like a good build, not had time to go through the pictures yet though

    For the rear bumper, some people do run the 2" receiver with a shackle, but I think you're better with two D-Rings and shackles, that gives you a couple of options for pulling (i.e. if one side of the jeep is under water/mud/snow).
    Winches can be a lifesaver, I wouldn't buy cheap, but thats my opinion. I have a Warn 8000 something and it pulls great, very reliable.
    Hoist for the hardtop, I got 2 block and tackle type things at Princess Auto, they're only $20. They lift it fine, but I use some ratchet straps to hold it up there long-term.
    Beartrax have the greasable front axle seals, normally in stock (I have a front D44, but he seems to have a selection).
    For the CB, I got mine at the place in Sherwood Park, CB City I think they're called. I think it's the Pro 510XL (not at home to check), which is very small and jeep sized, but not expensive. I have a Larsen whip, it's bottom loaded, so the whole antenna is a flexible steel rod, it can be bent double with no damage, or replaced very cheaply.

    Good luck with the build, look forward to seeing it out and about.

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    2005 TJ Rubicon (sold)

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    Thanks for the suggestion Steve! I got some great info from the guys at CB City and installed my antenna mount - just need to looked for a console now to lock my CB radio in (or VHF eventually).

    So far I've finished my 2-piece to 1-piece axle shaft swap on the D30 (will post photos later) and I've finally wired up the backup lights (unfortunately I couldn't find a Jeep with a standard with the correct female plug to the backup light to make the hook up easier - I just spliced the 2 wires and soldered them together).

    I have my 3"x3"x3/16" angle iron and will start drilling the holes on it to mount my bumper and the chrome tow hooks my uncle gave me as per Jedi's design: It won't have a trailer hitch welded to it, but I just want the tow hooks on the rear to ready up for Ruby Falls this May long.

    Also ordered my stock 225x70R15 General Grabber tires just to replace my slightly mismatched set of tires so I feel more prepped for Ruby Falls (I'm really hoping I can get it by this Friday).

    I'm looking at making some prototype LED tail/signal/brake/headlights by using some small prototype board; more to come with that in the future.

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