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    Published on 04-17-2019 07:37 AM

    Hello all,

    As there is very limited use of the forum - other than robots....
    I have decided to not renew the license.

    The Facebook page is still slightly more active - Please use this to arrange any meetup's or to post your builds.


    Please post on the shoutbox and/or on the facebook Page if you would like to meet for an informal wing night....
    Published on 04-17-2019 11:45 AM

    Do you like to explore with your 4X4? Do you like having fun, meeting people, traveling and camping, showing off your rig and helping others? If so, this is the club for you.

    NA4WDA was founded in October 1996 and is one of the oldest 4x4 clubs in Alberta.

    We are not a brand specific club. Our members drive everything from stock to highly modified rigs including Chevs, GMs, Hummers, Toyotas, Land Rovers, Jeeps, Unimogs, Fords, Suzukis and even Fordzukis. Likewise, all experience levels from beginner to expert are welcome.

    Some of our activities include: trail runs - day trips, or weekend, "Show and Shines", off-road events, 630 CHED Santas Anonymous Toy Run drives, Wing Nights, trail maintenance runs, fishing trips, white water rafting and whatever else YOU may be able to think up, as long as it's fun! We encourage our members to be active in the planning and operation of activities. "Show us yours and we'll show you ours."The Northern Alberta 4WD Association is a member of and practices the principles of Tread Lightly!

    Travel only on designated routes.
    Respect the rights of others.
    Educate yourself.
    Avoid stream banks, meadows, wildlife.
    Drive and travel responsibly to protect the environment and preserve opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation on public lands.

    The Northern Alberta 4WD Association Supports and encourages you to follow the Tread Lightly philosophy. Please visit Tread Lightly's website and learn more about responsible land use!
    Published on 04-17-2019 03:00 PM
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    By becoming a member of the NA4WDA you can enjoy the full advantages of:

    Safety in numbers - Every year we encounter countless stories from people who were "just going to play a bit" by themselves and end up in serious trouble as there is no one to help them when a "situation" arises. We frequently rescue "loners" who have broken down on the trail. Over and over again we see that a relatively minor event can quickly escalate to a life threating situation if no-one is around to help you. Club sponsored trips are an excellent way to enjoy the trails, with the added bonus that you will always have someone around to help you. NEVER, NEVER go out alone

    Learn to drive your rig safely and responsibly off road, respecting the environment while you're at it.
    Knowledge and technical expertise; our members are more than willing to share their vast knowledge of off-roading, vehicle maintenance and repair.

    Discounts at various Edmonton retailers.

    Community service through our annual 4x4 Toy Run for 630 CHED Santas Anonymous and various Charitable events we support the rest of the year
    by Published on 04-17-2019 10:00 AM
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    The NA4WDA is a group of 4x4 enthusiasts who are committed to being responsible, friendly, trail-loving, and environmentally conscious. We leave areas cleaner than they were before we arrived.

    *NO fluid leaks allowed on the trails

    *The Northern Alberta 4WD Association has ZERO TOLERANCE for alcohol on the trails. If you are on the trails, whether you're maintaining a trail or driving on it, there are no alcoholic beverages allowed on the trail. Your first alcoholic beverage of the day will be your last run of the day.

    *While on the trails, if you must winch from a tree, always use a "tree strap" to minimize tree damage.

    *No vehicle washing in creeks, streams, rivers or lakes.

    *No butts, no cans, no littering. TAKE OUT WHAT YOU TAKE IN! Leave the site cleaner than when you arrived.

    *We also adhere to Treadlightly policies, and they will be enforced while on the trail.
    by Published on 04-17-2019 07:19 AM
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    You need to attend one of our monthly meetings to meet some of the members. If you can't make it to one of the monthly meetings, you can always come to our regular Wing Night. Then you need to participate in one of our club runs with at least two of our executive members, just check the events for more information on the trips. Then your application will be put up for review to the members. Once you are approved, you will receive your NA4WDA membership card. Then let the fun begin!! Please get a membership application below.

    Click here for the membership application, please print, complete and bring to a meeting.
    by Published on 04-17-2019 12:00 AM
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    To ensure your safety and the safety of others on the trails, the Northern Alberta 4WD Association has adopted the following vehicle requirements for any vehicle participating in an NA4WDA trail event. The following are MINIMUM vehicle requirements:

    Four wheel drive w/transfer case
    Service brakes sufficient to stall engine in gear
    Park brake sufficient to stall engine in gear
    Brake lights
    Tires must have 6/32 tread, spare fully inflated
    Batteries must be mechanically secured - no bungee cords
    Seat belts for all occupants in good repair
    Recovery strap with loops at both ends (No hooks)
    Headlights and running lights
    Windshield wipers
    Steering components must not have excessive play
    CB radio
    Front tow hook or secure attachment point **
    Rear tow hook or secure attachment point **
    Any open vehicle must be equipped with a roll bar
    Fire Extinguisher
    Tool Kit
    First Aid Kit

    ** Club members will not risk their safety if this equipment is missing or unsafe
    ** Trailer hitch balls are not considered secure attaching points

    The following are strongly recommended:

    Spill Kit
    Rain gear
    Extra air filter
    Published on 04-17-2019 05:22 AM   

    Listed are the 2018 - 2019 Executive Board Members.

    Forum Name: Hikermike

    Secretary Treasurer
    Forum Name: DarkCherryJk

    Forum Name: 73fummins

    PR/special events
    Forum Name: hikermike

    Forum Name: hikermike

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